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File for Bankruptcy


A bankruptcy can either be in the form of liquidation or re-organization. Both types of bankruptcies have many rules and exceptions as to who is eligible to file, which property you may keep and which debts are covered. We specialize in both personal and business Chapters 7 and 13 bankruptcies.

Stop Foreclosure


If you missed three or more mortgage payments or received a Notice of Default, you are most likely facing home foreclosure. We are here to help you realize all your options and help you select the most appropriate solution.

Eliminate or reduce the second mortgage on your home


If you are paying a second mortgage and the value of your home decreases, your first mortgage is no longer secured by the equity of your home. In this case, you might be faced with the possibility of bankruptcy. We are here to aid you in this process and ensure financial recovery.

Stop lawsuits, wage garnishment and eliminate judgment


If you are currently facing a lawsuit or experiencing wage garnishment, we are here to help you learn your options and decide on the best solution that fits your needs particularly. We will help you take appropriate actions that benefit you and your family.

Reduce your investment property mortgage to its fair market value


Fair market value is the combination of the highest price a buyer is willing to pay and the lowest price a seller is willing to sell a home for. A constantly changing market and financial instability may cause the value of a home to drop. This may result in financial loss and make you feel stuck. We are here to help you cut your losses.

Eliminate your obligation to pay creditors, medical expenses and business loans


If you are stuck paying off multiple loans and cannot seem to keep up with these payments, we are here to help you eliminate all types of debt. We can eliminate student loans, vehicle payments, medical expenses, business and personal loans, home loans, etc.

Credit Repair & Restoration


Missed payments and errors in your credit reports can lead to a lowered credit score. If you are burdened by bad credit, you may find it difficult to secure loans, which will cost you more money over time. However, it is possible to rebuild your damaged credit. We can help you restore your credit and achieve financial stability.