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Posted by: Nat A. (chapter 7 client)


Just a short note to thank you for taking the time to advise me on ways of increasing my credit score.  Also once again thanks for handling my bankruptcy case. It's been a huge relief going forward with my life.


Posted by: Larisa S.


I visited Elaine Fridlin's office in Brooklyn to file for bankruptcy. My business was in a lot of financial trouble and by debt was through the roof.  I needed her to do it as quickly as possible. And to my surprise she accommodated me at every turn. Ms. Fridlin was very professional and patient. She really knows every detail involved and made sure I provided all documentation that was needed to make the strongest case possible.  She also returned all my phone calls, and there were many as it was very difficult time in my life. And I would like to mention her sense of humor, which she uses to put people at ease and make this whole process a lot less stressful (thank you for that).I would strongly recommend Ms. Fridlin to anyone. If you have a financial problem see her you will be glad you did.


Posted by: Anna


Elaine has been my lawyer for a year now and I could not be happier with her services. After facing some very serious and unexpected family problems, I was left with a huge debt, and was very scared that I will loose my home as well. I could not sleep at night and constantly thought that me and my kids will be left homeless. The night after my first consultation I could finally sleep. Not only Elaine helped me reduce my debt but I got to keep my home through a loan modification process. Mrs.Fridlin is very experienced and will help you.


Posted by: Irina


Elaine was recommended to me over 15 years ago and I have been happy with her services since then. She was handling my bankruptcy case as well as the mortgage modification. I can highly recommend Elaine as a knowledgeable and trustworthy attorney.


Posted by: Jessica


Elaine Fridlin knows so much about debt and bankruptcy. She helped me with a Chapter 7 bankruptcy a year ago. My past debts are now discharged and I am restoring my damaged credit. Elaine will try to eliminate your debt through modification, settlements, and consolidation before recommending bankruptcy. I recommend her for all your debt problems. Also, this law


Posted by: Irina G.


Elaine is not only a professional and knowledgeable attorney but also is very honest and responsible person. I highly recommend Elaine for her professional and personal qualities.


Posted by: Elaine B.


Elaine is so great and helpful to work with! Her professionalism is very impressive and she always works really hard to get the job done with her attentiveness to her clients. I would recommend Elaine to anyone and everyone who needs a bankruptcy or debt lawyer!


Posted by: Jessica S.


Elaine is the best bankruptcy and debt lawyer in NYC. She has over a decade of experience and treats her clients with respect and kindness. Elaine is very knowledgeable and will help anyone she can. She stopped a foreclosure for me and my family and helped me file for bankruptcy. Throughout the whole process Elaine never showed any doubt or fear. She made me feel like everything was going to be ok. I highly recommend Elaine for any debt related issue. Losing your home? Elaine is the person to call.


Posted by: Garry Z.


This firm appears to be finance related (bankruptcy, debt settlement , business modification , Etc). I believe they have been around for quite a while within this community and are serious pioneers of establishing trust with the local community . Great firm and great staff indeed . I definitely recommend them!


Posted by : A client (Avvo)


I came to see Elaine to help with debt. I was head over heals and had missed a couple mortgage payments. I had multiple credit cards with exceeded limits and haven't paid my student loans in 3 months. Elaine helped me by getting my debt lowered by negotiating with debt collectors. I almost had to file for bankruptcy. If I ever get into this mess again- I will go back to Elaine. She stayed calm throughout the whole process and made me feel like I was a normal human being. Elaine did not judge me and helped me learn how to manage my finances better. I still have to pay student loans, but my mortgage has been cut almost in half and my credit cards lowered my debt as well as lowered my interest that accrues monthly. Thank you so much Elaine!


Posted by: Client (Avvo)


Elaine got me a settlement for my debt with CitiBank and M&T bank. She reduced the amount I had to pay on a personal loan by $10,000 and cut my credit card debt by 30%. I recommend Elaine as a debt lawyer. She is very efficient and thorough.


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